If you’ve come looking for intelligent, non-tangential, nuanced, well-informed, journalistic discussion… You’ve come to the wrong place. However, if you’re interested in the rambling musings on current events, social issues, and politics of two middle-aged men, then boy do we have the show for you.

The premise is pretty simple: two middle-aged men sit down at a strip club & talk about current events, politics & news. It’s just like that… only strip clubs are pretty loud, and they charge cover, and getting setup in there and not spilling beer all over the equipment would be difficult. Okay, so picture us at a very quiet gentleman’s club that doesn’t charge to sit down, and there is no dancing but, you know, pondering the great questions of our day in the same way. It’s like that.

Middle Aged Men Talking Smack


Cast 034: It’s Bad for You

We begin this episode with a nice polite discussion on the growing financial crisis, then move into a nice philosophical

Ramblings We Wrote Down


WTF is Going On?

I had planned out a post for today on how incredibly fucked the media has become.  But so much more


Back to the Constitution

Let’s talk about guns…. We once again find ourselves in the raging debate about gun control in the united states. 


Happy Birthday?

Most of what I have, and will continue to write here, has been about politics, and the changing world as