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Introducing Jake (The Cynical Bastard) and (The Reverend) Sean

Jake (The Cynical Bastard)

Welcome to my own little corner of the internet…

I’ve spent the past several years as an interested observer of the world around me, and the drastic generational changes that are occurring to our culture and lives.  The thing that distresses me the most is the level of hate and hostility going on between people of differing opinions.  So, I decided to take it upon myself to see if I can manage to start a conversation.  Here you will find my observations on our changing world, biases, and all.  You as the reader will be invited to respond.  Trolls will be ignored, thoughtful responses will be added to the conversation.  Since we are all subject to our own biases, I’ll lay mine out on the table.  I am a heterosexual, cis-gendered, white, male, in his middle 40’s.  I am a parent with a teenage daughter, and I am married to her mother. I attended a private school for 1st through 12th grades, and am a college dropout working in the health industry.  Now, with all that out in the open, shall we begin?

~Cynical Bastard

The Reverend Sean

Hi there, I’ve spent a few years podcasting (since ’06) on a few shows, some of which I still currently do Wholesome Addiction, Hawkseye Guns, Expansive OPA, and of course this one. I am a cranky and thoroughly opinonated, middle-aged man. This, as far as I can tell, is the root of evil itself according to the media at large. The accepted wisdom states that I should not have an opinion as for more than 200 years I, personally, have been spoiling life on our shared terrestrial sphere as it exists today. Not being one for wisdom however I decided to do this show with Jake anyway.