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Ramblings We Wrote Down


WTF is Going On?

I had planned out a post for today on how incredibly fucked the media has become.  But so much more


Back to the Constitution

Let’s talk about guns…. We once again find ourselves in the raging debate about gun control in the united states. 


Happy Birthday?

Most of what I have, and will continue to write here, has been about politics, and the changing world as


What’s My Job?

The author Douglas Adam’s once said, and I am paraphrasing, that in order to understand motivations, you have to ask


Response #2

I’m going to close out these first few posts on free speech with my second reply to these posts. This


Karma Can Sure Be a Bitch!

Something happened to an acquaintance of mine, that I have admittedly not seen, or spoken to in several years.  It’s


First Response

I got my very first response to my very first post! I’ll admit it wasn’t exactly spontaneous.  It came from


When Did Language Become Violence?

“You want free speech? Let’s see you acknowledge a man who’s words make you blood boil, who’s standing center stage,