Karma Can Sure Be a Bitch!

Something happened to an acquaintance of mine, that I have admittedly not seen, or spoken to in several years.  It’s also quite possible that she would not even recollect who I am.  But it has a bit to do with my previous 2 posts, and I wanted to touch base on it prior to moving on from free speech to other topics, though it will likely be a common theme here.

This woman, who I won’t name so as not to pile on to her troubles, is, or I should say was, a college professor, who has recently been told that her contract will not be renewed for next year.  She’s not the only professor at this particular community college who was given this same notice.  What the articles I have read are stating is that they were let go, because of their public comments, deriding the college’s handling of the recent pandemic, and for negative social media comments regarding conservative politicians, as well as attempting to organize their fellow teachers into an organization affiliated with a teacher’s union, when their local laws do not allow public employee’s to unionize.  Now to be fair, this is what the articles are stating, that these women are stating.  The college in question has at this time not chosen to comment.  As bad as I felt for three people who will now be unemployed, I have to admit I found this entire situation to be both baffling and utterly hilarious.

I will start with baffling. Though the articles I have read have started that these women were “Fired” that is, in fact, not the case.  They were contracted employees, who were told that the college was not going to be exercising their option to renew their contracts. I have myself signed a few contracts in my time, and there is a clause I have found in all of them. Though they are obviously dressed up in legalese, they for all intents and purposes state that if I were to publicly embarrass, defame, speak ill of, or even criticize said company or organization, that they have every right to immediately terminate my employment.  I suspect that this was an option the college had, but did not choose to utilize. So I will admit that I am confused by the questions as to whether or not it was legal to fire them, when they were not fired, and I assume that they had given the college every right and reason to fire them for cause, something a local judge confirmed.

The part I find hilarious is the utter outrage, and protest now that the shoe has been placed on the other foot.  We’ve seen the media and academia cheer uproariously as professors, and speakers who were right leaning and conservative be fired, and/or banned from speaking on campus, because of their public ally stated opinions and views.  When freedom of speech and the first amendment was brought up, it was shouted down with accusations of Hate Speech, racism, and lectures on how the first amendment only protects people from the government restricting speech.  That it does not protect them from the consequences of their words.  But now it’s happening to them, and boy are they pissed.  People from the same ideology of those who are promoting a constitutional amendment to hinder free speech, are claiming that the college needs a refresher in free speech, the constitution, and the first amendment.

“For the powerful, crimes are those that others commit” – Noam Chomsky

In the end, I really do feel bad for those who lost their means of employment.  I also hope that this incident does not follow them, or that they are savvy enough not to drag it with them, in their attempts to be employed elsewhere.  But those who have spent the past few years telling us that our words have consequences, are in the first beginning throws of finding out that theirs do as well.  When a culture is created around punishing everyone, it will come for you at some point too.

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