Podcast 027: Talking Smack

This week we discuss some listener comments, and then talk about the only thing that the media seems able to acknowledge, the slap heard around the world. After that, we juggle a geopolitical grenade or two, all in good fun. takeanumber@gentlemanssoapbox.com Twitter – @GSBCast

Podcast 021: What the F—

In our latest cast, Jake and Sean respond to some listener feedback, followed by a nice light discussion of authoritarianism, government overreach, and how easy it is to get labeled a domestic terrorist.  takeanumber@gentlemanssoapbox.com Twitter – @GSBCast

Podcast 018: Living in Fictional Times

Jake and Sean start out discussing where the wage/inflation line might be, and why we have such a hard time finding it, and then have some fun with Uncle Joe borrowing Tom Hank’s credibility, and the future of fictional interplanetary politics  @GSBCast – Twitter @GentSoapboxCast – GETTR takeanumber@gentlmanssoapbox.com

Podcast 015: Stuff and Things

In the final cast of 2021, Jake and Sean talk about… Stuff. Unfortunately due to a technical issue, it sounds like Jake replaced his microphone with a tin can and a string. Here’s to the end of 2021. Jake and Sean will be back for more doom and gloom in 2022!  takeanumber@gentlemanssoapbox.com @GSBCast – Twitter

Podcast 012: From Crazy Grandparents to Sexy Aliens

This week’s cast starts off with a factual correction for last week’s discussion.  We then moved into dealing with grandparents trying to influence your kids with values not your own.  Do we stay on topic? If you think we would, this is your first time listening… So, Welcome to the show! takeanumber@gentlemanssoapbox.com @GSBCast – Twitter

Podcast 010: AI Proves It, People Suck

Wow… we made it to 10 episodes.  In this 10th cast Jake & Sean explore the concept of a racist artificial intelligence.  Does this simply reflect on the cesspool of humanity, or is there something deeper at work here? https://www.dazeddigital.com/science-tech/article/54701/1/an-ethical-ai-trained-on-human-morals-has-turned-racist-ask-delphi TakeANumber@GentlemansSoapbox.com Twitter – @GSBCast

Podcast 009: The Third Rail

In the 9th episode, Jake and Sean answer a listener comment then return to their bread and butter of doom and gloom, by grabbing right onto the third rail and tackling one of today’s most controversial subjects in sociopolitical discourse. takeanumber@gentlemanssoapbox.com Twitter – @GSBCast