Here are the podcasts you’re looking for! There aren’t that many yet but don’t worry, we’ll get to talking enough to fill pages of this stuff soon.


Cast 034: It’s Bad for You

We begin this episode with a nice polite discussion on the growing financial crisis, then move into a nice philosophical


Podcast 027: Talking Smack

This week we discuss some listener comments, and then talk about the only thing that the media seems able to


Podcast 021: What the F—

In our latest cast, Jake and Sean respond to some listener feedback, followed by a nice light discussion of authoritarianism,


Podcast 020: The People vs Free Speech

Welcome to podcast number 20!! In this edition, Jake and Sean discuss the total incompetence in Government Programs and the


Podcast 017: Let’s Be Clear

In this episode, we unclearly attempt to clear up some things that we weren’t clear about last time… to be


Podcast 015: Stuff and Things

In the final cast of 2021, Jake and Sean talk about… Stuff. Unfortunately due to a technical issue, it sounds