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We once again find ourselves in the raging debate about gun control in the united states.  For full disclosure, I am pro-gun.  You might even go so far as to refer to me as a gun nut.  So, I obviously am completely against all the new restrictions on firearms that the federal and some state governments are proposing.  I know that my appreciation for firearms makes anything else I am about to say completely irrelevant to many people out there.  But I would like to come to the debate from a different angle rather than engaging in the war of statistics and moral imperatives.  I would like to look at this constitutionally, and even come at that from a slightly different angle.

If you have read my few previous posts, you will recognize that I am a noticeably big fan of The Constitution and The Bill of Rights.  I firmly hold to the belief that we desperately need a written framework that defines the role of government in our country.  Governments are made up of people.  Those people need guidelines as to what they can and cannot do while making sure that we function as a country.  People are imperfect.  The Constitution is imperfect.  But those who wrote it knew this and made provisions for it.

Dave Chapelle put it best when he said, and I paraphrase, that the First Amendment to The Bill of rights was the most important, but The Second Amendment is there in case the first does not work out.  People have spent years trying to interpret The Second Amendment to make it say what they want it to.  Hell, there are those who have been arguing over the placement of a comma.  Upon actually reading what The Second Amendment says, anyone who is honest with themselves will recognize that the language, wording, and even the comma, are unequivocal. Those who feel that private ownership of firearms is a bad thing, just do not like that it says what it says.  Because as it is written, any and all forms of gun control are utterly unconstitutional.

More and more as time goes on, we as a society have become more and more comfortable with ignoring the constitution when they find it inconvenient.  I personally see that as utterly frightening.  No matter who you are, or what your beliefs are, there is at the very least one of The Amendments to The Constitution that is very near and dear to you.  Whether that has to do with freedom of religion and speech, or the government having to follow due process of law, The Bill of Rights protects you in some way from government overreach into your life.  The problem with the acceptance of gun control despite what it says in the constitution is that if you can ignore one of the amendments, you can ignore all of them, and whatever protection you benefit from can and will disappear in the blink of an eye when some piece of the government finds it inconvenient.

I have written before about the genius of The Founding Fathers who wrote The Constitution.  They knew that they were not perfect.  Written into the constitution is the amendment process which gave us the bill of rights.  It is not and was not ever meant to be permanent.  They knew that times would change.  So, if the government wanted to go through the political process of repealing or rewriting the second amendment, I would not agree with or support it, but I would respect it. However, that is not the process we see before us.  The structure of our government is being bypassed due to political laziness because those in power do not think they can get what they want to be done the proper way.

I will admit that I find this scary.  I worry about where we go from here and the “Slippery Slope”.  What do we as a society do? Frighteningly enough, a noticeable section of the country does not see this as a problem. I’ll discuss the media and their culpability in that in a later post, but the people of our country are little by little giving up their rights to say, eat, buy, watch, and even think what they chose.  The worst part of it all is that they are thanking those in power for it.

What about those of us who see what is going on? What do we do when laws take away our freedoms? What do we do when taxes become more and more oppressive? I can demand that gun control is unconstitutional all that I want, but will that stop the police from kicking down my door? I can say that a particular tax is unjust, but will that stop the IRS from taking my money? We are in the end at their mercy, and at the mercy of what those in power consider to be politically expedient.

I will end this particular ramble with a cliché.  I fear for the future.

-The Rambler

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